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Visa Help Australia is a professional Australian immigration and visa consulting company operated by migration agents registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (O’MARA).   Our Migration Agents can provide you with all Immigration and visa services including:
  • Employer Nominated Scheme (ENS) visas including Subclass 186 direct entry and TRT 
  • TSS visa – Subclass 482, 
  • Partner/Defacto partner visa and Prospective marriage visa (Subclass 300)

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Australian Visa

We can assist with all types of Australian visa applications including:

  • General Skilled Migration

    General Skilled Migration (GSM) Visas

    The Australian General Skilled Migration (GSM) Visa Program aims attract highly skilled people for migration to Australia. The Australian General Skilled Migration program attracts skilled workers, who are not sponsored by an employer and have skills in particular occupations required in Australia.

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  • Subclass 186 Visa

    Employer Nomination Scheme – Subclass 186 Visa

    For professionals and other skilled migrants, who have skills in particular occupations required in Australia, but who are not sponsored by an employer.

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  • Partner (Provisional) visa

    Partner Visa

    Who can apply for Partner (Provisional) visa – Subclass 309? The spouse or de facto partner of an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen.

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Australian Immigration Consultants

Why Select Us?

1. Improving your chances for a successful visa outcome: Australian migration law is complex and constantly changing. Visa Help Australia will increase your chances of a successful visa application outcome; 2. Professional assistance by a registered migration agent: As a registered migration agent, Visa Help Australia will provide a professional and reliable assistance to achieve your Australian migration. 3. Decision ready applications will save time: Engaging the services of Visa Help Australia will assist the decision-maker to make a decision quickly. 4. Minimising your risk to achieve your abroad ambition; 5. Affordable service fees: Our service fees are affordable and are fixed.

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  • "Dr. Anna is the best possible person you can trust...  Very Professional, ethical, fast and responsive..."

    "It is imperative that you would have searched dozen sites and blogs for the "Best Migration Agent" to handle your unique case. You are not alone. First things first... The reason you are reading this testimonial is that you are searching for the trusted agent, with whom you can share all your details and also get the feeling that you will get the PR. Since you have not got anyone till now, continue reading. Dr. Anna is the best possible person you can trust to ensure that he represents you at the best. Note:  As per the Migration Agent code of conduct, no person should guarantee the PR. If any one does, it is not correct. Dr. Anna takes very pragmatic, professional approach for each of the case as very unique case. He understands that how important is PR for the client. Very Professional, ethical, fast and responsive to the stupidest (you may think it is stupid) question. He always replies with the answer, which is correct, legal. He doesn’t please the client, by showering false promises. So, should you go ahead and ask Dr. Anna to process your PR based on these testimonials? You may think twice. But look at his studies and degrees. Amazing. It’s the simple fact that knowledgeable persons are rare to see these days and Dr. Anna is GEM of that lot. Trust Anna. I got my PR in flat 100 days from the time I took the PTE exam. The journey has been quite fast from 17th Dec 2015 to 24th March 2016 (Grant). In fact, if I take the date of ACS submission, I would say that ACS, EOI and Grant were completed in 60 days flat. This implies that your documents should be clean and Dr. Anna would ensure that you give the required documents. Wishing you all the very best and see you soon in Australia."
    To read all other testimonials, please visit our testimonials page

    Guru, India — Skilled Independent visa — Subclass 189 — 24 March 2016

  • "Best Visa Advisor!!!"

    "If you have stumbled upon this piece of text, while researching for hours on the internet looking for the right agent to guide you for your visa application (Just like me), look no further!! This may sound like an old commercial, but, this is the most sincere piece of text I’ve written in a long time. I am writing this for two reasons: a.) Anna is the best person to give any visa advice. b.) For anyone out there like me, who spends a lot of time and thought to "find" and then "decide", if the agent/site they found is someone they can trust? In case of Anna at, like many other of his delighted clients, I say a resounding "Yes". After talking to Anna for the first time, I knew my application is in safe hands. He is very honest with his advice and pragmatic in his approach. He always kept me well informed throughout my application. It might seem that I know Anna personally, but as a matter of fact I still haven’t got the opportunity to meet him. He handled my application entirely online, and did a great job with it. Anna is very professional and organized with his work. He has a very quick turnaround. I wish this helps anyone else out there to confidently start their visa process with a highly qualified and skilled professional like Anna."
    To read all other testimonials, please visit our testimonials page

    Prasad, India, Subclass 189 — Skilled Independent Visa — 21 March 2016

  •  "...a first class, trustworthy and dependable service."

    "My son wished to emigrate to Australia and having investigated the process, we identified that the Visa application process was not a simple task. Having trawled through the internet, we identified a number of agents, who could help us with the process. Anna of Visa Help Australia was one of the companies that we selected. After making contact with him, we felt confident that he would deliver. After an initial consultation, Anna came up with an ‘action plan’ - his knowledge of immigration legislation and what supporting documentation is required was second to none. He took us through the process, step by step and was responsive to any request or query that we had. He was friendly, approachable and dependable. We felt confident in his abilities from beginning to end. Ultimately, with Anna’s help, we were, indeed, successful with our application and were delighted with the service he provided. Not only did he deliver but it was excellent value for money. I would not hesitate to recommend Anna and his services for anyone in a similar situation who requires a first class, trustworthy and dependable service."
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    Mr B. Lindsey-Colley, Retired (2011) Detective Constable, Dorset Police, United Kingdom

  • "Visa help Australia is undoubtedly the best Immigration Services for Australia & Dr. Annathurai is one of the best immigration consultants"

    After working and living in London for 5 years, I decided to move to Australia. After a thorough search for the best Australian Immigration consultants and having consulted with a few in London and elsewhere I felt Dr Annathurai is the best option. Dr Annathurai is extremely efficient, fast and accurate throughout the entire process. Visa process is extremely stressful and documentation heavy. But under Dr Annathurai's guidance the entire process is a breeze. He is always at hand if we need any guidance and from the word go we are given all the information we need to make the entire process as easy and seamless as possible. I strongly feel if anyone is looking to immigrate to Australia then Visa help Australia is the best option and without Dr Annathurai my Australian dream would not have come true.
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    Rashmi, Bangalore, India – Subclass 189 visa

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This is what some of our clients have said in summary about our Australian Immigration services:

  • “Anna is a friend in need and an immigration agent with supreme proficiency: a reliable professional, fully confident, sincere and amicable gentleman”
  • “A very personalized professional assistance…”
  • “Highly knowledgeable, proactive and willing to go the extra mile to get job done”
  • “I believe the visa was only granted due to the hard work and dedication Anna put into my application.”
  • “His response and way of working towards queries resolutions was outstanding.”
  • “I would highly recommend his service where you will be guaranteed 100% .”
  • “Anna means big brother and he is one of the most trusted and honest people I have communicated with”
  • “Very professional, knowledgeable and timely”
  • “Dr. Anna is the best possible person you can trust…Very Professional, ethical, fast and responsive…”
  • “Best Visa Advisor!!!”
  • “My words cannot describe the gratitude for your services”
  • “He is very thorough and professional in his approach!”
  • “Anna was wonderful, helping me and my employer with my RSMS”
  • “Anna has always been very approachable and patient in answering all my questions. He is very knowledgeable and a very friendly person. His approach toward the case is very honest and professional.”
  • “He is a motivated and responsible person with a high degree of integrity.”
  • “We could not have been more impressed with the standard and quality of your service.”
  • “Looking for a guide to help you file Permanent Residency in Australia – Anna beats everyone in all aspects!!”
  • “He is a very professional person whom we can trust.”
  • “Anna is the most patient migration agent I have ever met.”
  • “I am absolutely delighted with his professional advice and prompt response to my queries”
  • “Visa help Australia is undoubtedly the best Immigration Services for Australia & Dr. Annathurai is one of the best immigration consultants”
  • “I could not have imagined any other agent other than Anna to handle my case. He is very professional and extremely fast.”
  • “He was extremely thorough, knowledgeable and professional every step of this process”
  • “A true, genuine and honest person!!!”
  • “Professional with a personal touch”
  • “He is a very genuine and honest individual and I’d highly recommend Dr. Anna”
  • “A trusted partner in your pursuit and a thorough Professional – He is more concerned about the timeliness on your VISA application than you would be worried about it. “
  • “Anna has always delivered clear, concise, accurate, timely information and realistic options”
  • “He is very professional and very honest.”
  • “Anna is very professional, honest and a hard worker”
  • “Anna always patiently answered all my queries…”
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