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Dr. G. Annathurai is the Director of Visa Help Australia Pty Ltd, Australia.

Anna is a highly educated professional. Following his Master’s degree, he was awarded a full scholarship to pursue MPhil in Plant Breeding and Crop Improvement at the Universities of Birmingham and Reading, United Kingdom.

After completion of MPhil, he was awarded two full scholarships to pursue PhD in Plant Molecular Biology from the University of Queensland, Australia. He moved to Australia in 1996 to pursue PhD. Following his PhD, Anna worked for more than 13 years as a Research Scientist/Project Leader in Australia leading various plant molecular improvement projects. He is currently acting as the director of a research company – Plant Genetic Solutions Pty Ltd.

Anna has also completed a Graduate Certificate in Management from Southern Cross University, Australia, and a Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice from Griffith University, Australia with Distinction.

He has won  several awards, scholarships, and distinctions including:

  • 2010 – Norman Borlaug Impact Award by Biosciences Research Division to the Molecular Pulse Breeding team
  • 2006 – H. William Kerr Award for Agriculture (Tertiary level): Awarded by Australian Society of Sugarcane Technologists
  • 2005 – Smart State Fellowship: Awarded one of the three prestigious fellowships to early career researchers in       Queensland – awarded by the Queensland Government.
  • 1996 – Overseas Postgraduate Research Scholarship from the University of Queensland, Australia
  • 1996 – The University of Queensland Postgraduate Research Scholarship, Australia
  • 1995 – Achieved ‘First class with Distinction’ at both the Universities of Birmingham and Reading, UK
  • 1994 – The Ratcliff Prize from The University of Birmingham, UK: Awarded for securing the highest mark among the  postgraduate students in the Faculty of Science.
  • 1993 – The Univ. of Birmingham – Overseas Development Administration (ODA) Shared Scholarship, UK
  • 1993 – K. C. Mahindra Education Trust loan scholarship, India
  • 1993 – A. M. M. Arunachalam – Lakshmi Achi overseas study loan scholarship, India
  • 1991 – ASPEE Agricultural Research & Development Foundation Junior Fellowship in Genetics, India
  • 1983 – National Scholastic Excellence Award, India: Awarded by HMT Limited, India
  • 1983 – Award of Honour, India: Awarded by the Rotary Club of Karaikal


Academic Qualifications

2009                       Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice, Griffith University, Australia

2005-2007            Graduate Certificate in Management, Southern Cross University, Australia

1996-2001            PhD – Botany (Plant Molecular Biology), The University of Queensland, Australia

1994-1995            MPhil (2nd Year) – Plant Breeding & Crop Improvement, The University of Reading, UK

1993-1994            MPhil (1st Year) – Plant Breeding & Crop Improvement, The University of Birmingham, UK

1989-1991            MSc (Agriculture) – Plant Breeding & Genetics, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, India

1985-1989            BSc (Agriculture), Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, India


Publications (*Corresponding author)

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Anna gets personal satisfaction through his migration business when he helps his clients to achieve their ambition. His passion is to provide simple and honest advice and personalised service. This is reflected in the testimonials given by his clients – Please see the testimonials page for further information.


“Anna is a friend in need and an immigration agent with supreme proficiency: a reliable professional, fully confident, sincere and amicable gentleman”

“I take the pleasure to write a few words about Dr Anna: a reliable professional, fully confident, sincere and amicable gentleman.

I owe my gratitude and appreciation to Dr Anna for his professional service, which made the rather difficult and anxious application process enjoyable.

I would specially like to thank him for guiding me and my wife very efficiently and provide service that suits our need.

I am thankful to Dr Anna for understanding my situations; process the documents with utmost sincerity which helped my family to get permanent residency in Australia relatively quick time.

If you are looking for a reliable, responsible, customized service that suits your need, Dr Anna would be the best person for your visa application.”

Dr. Kazi, General Practitioner, Australia – 2016


“His response and way of working towards queries resolutions was outstanding.”

“We want to give thanks to Dr. Annathurai for his right guidance and great professional advice towards our successful PR VISA.

Dr. Annathurai is very proactive and thoughtful. As the Visa process is extremely stressful and documentation heavy, Dr. Annathurai gave the pre-requisite VISA checklist to us well in advance before each stage so that we can be ready with entire documentation without any delay.

We, the family got the Australia PR within decent timeframe of 7 months including all the three stages of VISA i.e. Skill Assessment, Expression of Interest and final VISA application. We had queries at all the stages and contacted Anna for providing guidance. His response and way of working towards queries resolutions was outstanding. Under the guidance of Mr. Annathurai, we prepared strong documentation and due to this reason only, we did not receive a single query by the Australian Immigration officer for VISA. On the day when the Case officer was assigned for our case, VISA was granted.

He is a registered MARA consultant for Australia and equipped with the knowledge / expertise of all sort of legal and immigration cases.

It also amazed us that he was handling all the VISA related processing from people all over the world with help of Whatsapp, emails and phone calls. When we were thinking about the PR, we needed to choose the right consultant for the same. We had contacted various immigrations agents, spent multiple days and finally decided to take consultation from Dr. Annathurai, Director ‘VISA HELP AUSTRALIA’ for our PR.  Again thanks Anna for making our dream successful.

I definitely want to recommend Dr. Annathurai for his VISA immigration services to aspiring candidates and started doing the same.”

Richa and Vivek, Mumbai, India – Subclass 189 Visa – 18 April 2016

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