Migration Agent Townsville

Migration Agent Townsville

Australian Migration Agent Townsville:

Are you looking for a trusted Australian Migration Agent  in Townsville?

If you choose to use an Australian migration agent or visa consultant, you should use a MARA registered migration agent for Australia. The Australian Department of Home Affairs (www.homeaffairs.gov.au) recommends that you use a MARA registered Australian migration agent if you would like to apply for an Australian Visa.

A registered Australian immigration agent or visa consultant is someone registered with the Australian Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (Office of the MARA) who can provide Australian immigration and visa advice and assistance on visa requirements, help lodge an Australia visa application and deal with the Australian Department of Home Affairs (www.homeaffairs.gov.au) on your behalf.

In Australia, all Australian migration agents/immigration agents/visa consultants must be registered with the Office of the MARA. Using an Australian registered migration agent will give you protection as they are aware of current laws and procedures to give correct advice and Australian visa assistance.

You can search for a MARA registered Australian migration Agent Townsville in the Office of the MARA website.

However, you do not need to use an agent based in Townsville. With advancement of technology and easy communication facilities, all visa related work can be done remotely. If you would like to use a trusted Australian migration agent for your visa assistance, you can contact Dr. G. Annathurai at  Visa Help Australia Pty Ltd  for all your Australian visa requirements.  Dr. G. Annathurai at  Visa Help Australia Pty Ltd  is an Australian immigration expert, who will provide honest and trusted services to get your Australian migration visas.

Please visit our  testimonials  page to know more about our services.

Migration Agent Townsville: You can contact us by sending an email to  [email protected]

Migration Agent Townsville: You can also call: 1800 847243  (1800 VISA HELP)

Migration Agent Townsville: Please give your email address so that our Australian migration agent/Australian visa consultant  can contact you to give you further information regarding Australian immigration process.


Migration Agent Townsville: This is what some of our clients have said in summary about our Australian Immigration services:

  • “Anna is a friend in need and an immigration agent with supreme proficiency: a reliable professional, fully confident, sincere and amicable gentleman”
  • “A very personalized professional assistance…”
  • “Highly knowledgeable, proactive and willing to go the extra mile to get job done”
  • “I believe the visa was only granted due to the hard work and dedication Anna put into my application.”
  • “His response and way of working towards queries resolutions was outstanding.”
  • “I would highly recommend his service where you will be guaranteed 100% .”
  • “Anna means big brother and he is one of the most trusted and honest people I have communicated with”
  • “Very professional, knowledgeable and timely”
  • “Dr. Anna is the best possible person you can trust…Very Professional, ethical, fast and responsive…”
  • “Best Visa Advisor !!!”
  • “My words cannot describe the gratitude for your services”
  • “He is very thorough and professional in his approach!”
  • “Anna was wonderful, helping me and my employer with my RSMS”
  • “Anna has always been very approachable and patient in answering all my questions. He is very knowledgeable and a very friendly person. His approach toward the case is very honest and professional.”
  • “He is a motivated and responsible person with a high degree of integrity.”
  • “We could not have been more impressed with the standard and quality of your service.”
  • “Looking for a guide to help you file Permanent Residency in Australia — Anna beats everyone in all aspects!!”
  • “He is a very professional person whom we can trust.”
  • “Anna is the most patient migration agent I have ever met.”
  • “I am absolutely delighted with his professional advice and prompt response to my queries”
  • “Visa help Australia is undoubtedly the best Immigration Services for Australia & Dr. Annathurai is one of the best immigration consultants”
  • “I could not have imagined any other agent other than Anna to handle my case. He is very professional and extremely fast.”
  • “He was extremely thorough, knowledgeable and professional every step of this process”
  • “A true, genuine and honest person!!!”
  • “Professional with a personal touch”
  • “He is a very genuine and honest individual and I’d highly recommend Dr. Anna”
  • “A trusted partner in your pursuit and a thorough Professional — He is more concerned about the timeliness on your VISA application than you would be worried about it. “
  • “Anna has always delivered clear, concise, accurate, timely information and realistic options”
  • “He is very professional and very honest.”
  • “Anna is very professional, honest and a hard worker”
  • “Anna always patiently answered all my queries…”
  • “He had completely changed my views on immigration agents…”
  • “…we feel even more indebted to Anna that certainly words cannot describe.”
  • “He is one of the most patient people we have ever met. He clarified every single question of ours be it the simplest to the complex one with utmost patience, clarity and professionalism”
  • “He was always approachable and very patient in answering my many and at times repeated questions”
  • “He is very friendly, honest and trustworthy…”
  • “Anna is truly a professional of the highest order.”
  • “My case was very complicated but I got my permanent residency because of Anna.”
  • “…a first class, trustworthy and dependable service.”
  • “His approach in dealing with his client as well as work ethics should be very good example for every migration agent”
  • “He is a very friendly and a dependable person, who doesn’t just run after money…”
  • “If you need right advice and someone, who will give his 100% to get positive result…”
  • “Anna is very kind, easy to deal with, very supportive and a good adviser…”
  • “The professionalism, confidentiality and ability to get the job done were extremely valuable to the company”
  • “Professional and right advice based on individual case.”
  • “He is honest and thorough about what he is doing. He is a trustworthy person.”

Some of our client’s testimonials:

“… the best decision we have taken in recent years”

“Dr. Annathurai (Anna) was recommended to us by a friend and we decided to proceed with him after an initial call.

I think that was the best decision we have taken in recent years. We obtained PR in less than 10 months from the start of the journey.

It is a dream come true for us which would not have been without Anna’s help.

We have approached him many times with plenty of questions and Anna always made sure that we understood the entire process more than just answering the questions.

Besides completing the process, he has provided excellent moral support throughout the journey. My family and I are extremely thankful to him.

Looking forward to keeping in touch with Dr. Annathurai.”

Suresh, UK – June 2019 – Migration Agent Townsville: Testimonial


“Thanks once again Anna, you are an impeccable selfless person!!”

“First I would like to Thank Anna for his immaculate professional service that helped me to get my PR. In our first interaction itself I understood that he is very honest, transparent and genuine person, who has got natural affinity towards his clients’ success. Most importantly he will educate his clients with his empyrean knowledge, answers every question patiently and his conversations are never time bound as long as you need clarifications from him.

He is a perfectionist (you will know that when he reviews your documents and Stat declarations) and always keeps you on your toes as his rigor for document evidences are of highest standards. He will ensure that whenever your case is getting submitted, it is decision ready.

Finally, he is more a than consultant as he goes one step further and even writes to the department whenever a CO comes back with illogical questions, so that his clients are getting fair outcome. Thanks once again Anna, you are an impeccable selfless person!!”

Vinoth, India – June 2019 – Migration Agent Townsville: Testimonial


“This is probably the BEST decision of my life that turned my complete life around for the BETTER, both for self and for my family”

“Hi Anna

My Apologies that I got caught up in loads of work and in settling my family here that I never had the time to write a testimonial at ease. The reason is because I did not want to write something for the heck of it and really wanted to spend time and pen my thoughts on putting up a testimonial that all aspirants like me can relate to, in all honesty and before making the decision of choosing the right firm/person to proceed with for the dream of getting a PR successfully and landing up at Australia.

My journey started in July 2017 and like 1000s of others out there, I did go via google, references, friends, checks, prices, discounts and numerous online portals and what not and spent at least a good 45 days before my computer to finally land with Anna @ VISA help Australia and this is probably the BEST decision of my life that turned my complete life around for the BETTER, both for self and for my family.

I am very thankful and cannot express my gratitude enough for this life changing decision of mine that was completely possible ONLY and ONLY due to Anna.

The entire process was transparent, clear and concise and at every stage. I was guided in the right direction and with the right decisions though I was always trying to hurry things up due to my anxiety. The constant support from Anna and his experience in dealing with this in a meticulous manner really impressed me.

Clarity of thought and Clarity of expression are 2 pillars Anna stands for and I can vouch for that after having been part of this journey with him for 8 months – from the first call to the last call where he congratulated me for a successful grant where I couldn’t speak for 2 minutes and was in tears. His attention to detail and his documentation skills are a class apart and is commendable.

I strongly recommend Anna and am sure there are scores like me who are here because of his efforts and perseverance in following this through to the end. I am also happy to be referenced for any checks and give my consent for any prospective aspirant to contact me directly via phone or email which I am listing below.”

Karthik GN – Migration Agent Townsville: Testimonial


“Now after a long travel, may be an expedition, I have finally reached my goal, which was just impossible without Anna.”

“Anna… That’s how I call him… Has been a part of my life now. I have known him for almost 3 years and I dedicate every bit of my success to him.

He has been very patient, professional, precise and pragmatic! I have evolved in this whole journey towards betterment! I did not have clear goals and definitely no concrete plans to achieve them. My friend introduced me to him, when I was at all time low in my life! He was a great support system and helped my dreams take a shape.

There have been long conversations lasting hours with him which was handled politely with brutal honesty! This made me realize vague ideas are not enough to make life aspirations come true! He was very well versed and knowledgeable in his chosen profession. I was happy to be in the right hands. I was stuck in a mental block and required a lot of thrust to move forward. Anna basically motivated me and made me realize that it was doable. I was being unruly, adamant, stubborn and squandering time. He handled me sternly with uprighteous approach.

He was very accurate and adept with the information and proceedings for getting the Australian permanent residency. He followed an organized procedure and documentation for every step which made it easy to understand, follow and execute.

Now after a long travel, may be an expedition, I have finally reached my goal, which was just impossible without Anna. I feel honoured to be associated with such a learned person and look up to him for the rest of my life. Can’t thank you enough for all the effort he has put to make my life much better!

Thank you for giving me the best day of my life!”

– Anuchitra, NSW, Australia – March 2019: Migration Agent Townsville: Testimonial


“He is very professional, supportive and honest throughout the entire process.”

“We are very fortunate for having Anna as our MARA agent to guide us in our PR process.

He is very professional, supportive and honest throughout the entire process. He guided us properly in each and every step in this PR process.

He verified all our documents thoroughly before submitting to the respective department. We have to admit that he is much stricter than the immigration department in the document verification.

All his communications are through emails and he replied promptly to our all queries. He convinced and motivated us during our difficult times in this PR process.

Our heartfelt thanks to Anna for helping us in receiving the Australian Permanent Residency Visa (subclass 189) for our family.”

– Mahendran & Vigneshwari, India, March 2019: Migration Agent Townsville: Testimonial


“The most important step of my journey to obtain Australian PR was to Hire Visa Help Australia.”

“Visa Help Australia is a very professional and reliable institute. I was actually consulting a different consultant and was stuck on one stage for more than a year.

Fortunately, upon recommendation I turned to Visa Help Australia and it turned out to be the life changing decision.

 Anna takes a very professional approach to his work, and on two separate occasions, his deep analysis of my paper work saved my application from possible rejection. He pointed out the problems in my application that the other consultant simply chose to ignore.

Moreover, he always responded to my queries in a very polite and patient manner.

I would definitely recommend Visa Help Australia to anyone who is looking to move to Australia.”

Kaleem Butt, Pakistan – Subclass 190 visa – March 2019: Migration Agent Townsville: Testimonial

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