Australian visa – Sample Emails

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Australian visa – Sample Emails

We  do receive thousands of requests per year for information about Australian visa, eligibility and strategies for Australian visa. We  have given some sample emails that we received  (after removing personal information to protect privacy).

Email 1:  Australian Visa

“Dear Dr. Anna,

Thanks a lot for your detailed email that you sent me.

Went through your mail and got few details as well.

At this point of time, my major concern or confusion is if I am eligible to apply or not (i.e. to go past the passing mark)

Before writing email to you, I browsed few of the websites that also talked about point system for skilled migration category.

Below is one of point calculator details (but I am confused on this):

25               points for age (My DOB is ———, so I’ll be 33 only till ————-)

20               points for English language ability (I have had my college in US, and have already scored 90+% in TOEFL in ———, 11 out of last 14 years I have lived in English speaking country, so consider my English to be superior/proficient), also If I am still required to take IELTS, I am confident that I will score pretty nice — 8 in each)

20               points for work experience (I am having —— years’ experience working as software engineer which is in the list I believe)

15               points for qualifications (Bachelor Degree)

0                 points for Australian qualifications

5                 points for spouse skills ( will be filing with Wife who has a bachelor degree in ————- and 1 year of work exp)

20               total points for work experience within Australia and overseas (total = 8+ yrs [USA — 3 yrs, India — 2.5yrs, Singapore – 2.75 yrs)

5                 points for language experience (regional Language — saw Hindi too in one of the website)

0                 points for regional study experience

0                 points for State/Territory sponsorship

0                 points for Professional Year

90               total points

Can you also go through this and let me know if my chances are there or I will be wasting your time as well as my time and money if I might not go past the eligibility.

I am little confused from your mail on the below:

o       5 points for >3 years of experience.

In Software, I have now 8+ years of experience. And as per the list of skills, software engineer is one of those, and so I am confused.

Hope you will help me clarify my doubts.

Best regards,”

Email 2:  Australian Visa
  1. “Greetings, my name is ——— I am from venezuela and I am considering the possibility of living and working in Australia with my girlfriend, she is also from Venezuela her name is —————. We finished university studies and both have degrees.                                     We need to know the way to reach the working visa for both of us or find jobs that can sponsorship our visa, and i want to know if that is possible. We prefer the main cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Goldcoast, or Adelaide but we are open to other places.  We estimate to departure as soon as possible if we can find our visas, so we need help in that area.  Attached you will find both of our resume.                         Looking forward of hearing from you with a positive response”
Email 3:  Australian Visa
  1. My sister is interested in migrating to Australia. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Zoology. Attached is her resume. Let me know if there are any opportunities. If you have any questions you can contact her at her email id
Email 4:  Australian Visa

Dear Annathurai,

Thanks for your email.

I have few queries for you as follows:

  1. With our existing situation, is there any possibility, my details :Age (34), IELTS (7 total and not 7 each), degree (M.Pharm), experience (7.5 years), Partner skills point only if in nominated occupation ?. Achieving 60 points   for PR looks difficult for me ?
  1. In Western Australia, the Industrial Pharmacist option is available in WASOL list so  any possibility in this section  ?
  1. Does the Industrial Pharmacist requires licencing from Australian govt to work in Australian Pharmaceutical Industry?
  1. There is no such post called “Industrial Pharmacist” assigned to anybody. The Industrial Pharmacist is one who works in technical side (developing, manufactuirng, testing or evaluating etc..) of any pharmaceutical industry may hold any post (formulation scientist, analyst, Production, QC ,QA etc..) so what Australia requires in this section not clear?
  1. In both areas where the possibility has arised of me is, Western Australia (Industrial Pharmacist) and Northern Territory (Quality Assurance Manager) but it seems in these places its hard to see any Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies  so this option also looks uncertain for me what do you say?
  1. If you find any possibility for me or for  my wife (her details available with you) taking all these above situation under consideration what will be the next step and your fees in total ( at what all stages needs to be paid etc) and mode of payment etc..

I look forward to hearing from you.

Email 5:  Australian Visa


A friend of mine said that you could possibly help me. My name is ——- and I am 21 years old
I have been in Australia for 1.5 year now. I am on my second WHV. I am from the Netherlands. I am in a relationship with —————–, an Italian guy that I’ve met here (he is on his first WHV). We have been together since 7 months. And know each other now 8 months. Those 7 months we have been together we spend traveling together. At the moment we both work on ————–, Queensland. I do bar work and my boyfriend does work in the bottle shop and works as a cook.
Our employer might be interested in sponsoring us. But now I want to know what exactly our next step is.
we have been here 3 months now.
My boyfriend might be able to get a sponsorship as a cook, right? But he doesn’t have any diplomas or certificates. It is all on the job training. Also the job we had before here (in a restaurant in ————- where he worked as a cook and I as a waitress for 2 months before coming to ————–) we got on the job training.
Would he still he able to get a sponsorship without the diplomas?
Or would he be able to get a sponsorship while working in the Bottle Shop? He really enjoys it and would rather work there.
Now I have spoken to some people and said that you might be able to get one as a hospitality manager. Which would be ideal for him. But then again.. does he need to have diplomas for this? Because he does not.
also, which visa fits him better? The 187 or 457?
And because we have been together for a while and are planning on staying together would it be possible for me to apply as a secundaire applicant or not?
A lot of questions but I hope you can help me.
I hope to hear from you soon.

Email 6:  Australian Visa

Hello, I am a student in the UK and currently have 2 years left of my study. I haven’t travelled in a long time and since i have been mostly everywhere else, i would like to visit australia during the 2015 easter holidays in March for 2 weeks; the trip will be funded by my father. I am going to be applying for the short stay visa subclass 600. I needed help with just a few things. Since i am of Kenyan Nationality. Does that make my \”usual country of residence\” Kenya ? Or can i put the country that i have been studying in as the choice? Lastly, How much money is sufficient to cover me for 2 weeks holiday just shopping and attending concerts and museums.

Looking forward to your response,


Email 7:  Australian Visa

Sir My name is ——— and i live in Sikkim, India. I have finished my secondary school and have done computer diploma course. I don’t have any partner. I am single. And i want to work with my friend who is already working in Australia. I just need to know which visa should I apply?

Or either can i get working holiday visa for Australia.

Email 8:  Australian Visa

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am ———– from India. I am willing to work in Australia. I have my friend who is living and working there in Darwin, NT, Australia since few years. And his wife is Australian citizen. I want to live with him and work there. So please kindly help me that what type of Visa is applicable for me.

Thank You,

Email 9:  Australian Visa

Dear Sir,
G’day. My name is —- and I am from —-. One of my nephew and family wants to come to ———– with business visa.
So I asked one of my friend who got PR with this kind of visa. However, I didn’t understand what he explained me because we have difficulty of language which I can’t speak —–.
Although, I read on websites about 188 visa but I don’t understand about that. So could you please explain me these facts so I can explain to my nephew.
Also if they decide to do that pathway could you help them to reach to —– begin to end? I knew there will be agent fees for that.
(1) they have to have business in our country currently?
(2) how much money/investment they will need? If they want to open milk bar or takeaway shop etc. Please let me know only AU $.
(3) How long will this processing can take.?
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours sincerely,

Email 10:  Australian Visa

My partner and I are looking into a visa that he could enter Australia on in order to work. He is based in Zimbabwe and is a professional golfer. He plays both on the local Zimbabwean circuit and on the Sunshine tour circuit. He speaks English competently, has been a professional golfer since 2011. He’s worked in a pro shop and also gives private lessons and coaches school children. Could you please advise us.

Email 11:  Australian Visa


Our family would like to come and visit some friends at the Gold Coast next month. I have ———- citizenship and so do the kids, my husband has ———— and we live in Europe since 2012.

WIll you please let me know how long it will take to process the visas? We can be sponsored by our friends in Australia. Also, does my husband need a Polio certificate, as I read somewhere online, as he has not lived in ——— for the past 2.5 years.

Email 12:  Australian Visa

I am from Bangladesh, my pre-school, high school and University were in English. Moreover I pursued my Bachelor’s Degree in Malaysia.

Recently I received the offer letter from Deakin for Masters without IELTS. So my question is do i need to take IELTS exam for Visa.

Please Help!

Thank You Very Much

Email 13:  Australian Visa

Good afternoon.

I am looking for visa information so that I can return back to Australia to live and work. I am unsure which path to pursue if any that would allow me to return. I had a working holiday visa last year and unfortunately do not qualify for a further year on it.

My great uncle lives on the Gold Coast and is a Australian citizen, does he qualify as a suitable sponsor?

As for myself I have a degree in food and nutrition and I am also a qualified gym instructor and personal trainer. I have worked in a gym for the past year helping people with fitness and nutrition.

Can you advise of any avenue for me to follow if any that would allow me to live in Australia?

Kind regards

Email 14:  Australian Visa

Dear Sir/Madam,

Good Day!

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself my name is ———— and am from INDIA. Age 30 Years.

Now am working in UAE (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES) I would like to apply for student visa for AUSTRALIA. Am facing following questions.

1) Can I apply from UAE (am working as a sales Merchandiser) ?

2) How much will be the approximate fee including course & agency fee?

3) How long it will take if we apply for the student visa?

4) What are the documents we have to produce?

5) I would like to apply on basis on 10th Std (Pass) Can i ?

Looking forward to hear from you soon.



Email 15:  Australian Visa

I applied for subclass 600 visa, I do have criminal history for DUI but was refused for the reason that they said I would never return to USA….crazy..Can you help and what is the cost of something like this..


Email 16:  Australian Visa

Dear Sir / Mam

I am ————, I am from India, I was worked in Dubai UAE for 10 years as Warehousing Executive…..I am now ——yrs old and I  am  interested in migrating to Australia, as I found lots warehousing  job opportunities in Australia, I am purely warehousing personal and I can manage warehouse operations

All I want to know is Am I eligible for to migrate to Australia, also please let me know what all the documents have to be submitted from my end..

Please guide me with your professional answers

Thanks and Regards


Email 17:  Australian Visa


Sorry couldn’t pick your call due to my health not doing good.

My situation is like this

I have an engineering Background  and also to know you I have  been assessed as engineering Technologist (233914) from engineers Australia. I approached a consultant  but not rightly guided so I am currently stuck up with 55 points ,also my IELTS is only 6 band please let me know pathways (like studying or any other possible options) that  you can help us in moving to Australia

Email 18:  Australian Visa


I am attaching the resume of my sister; ——————– and her husband to be; ——————- for your perusal for skilled migration to Australia as a married couple.

i am looking forward to your feedback and answers to the following specific questions amongst other relevant information as per your expertise:-

1) what is the procedure for skilled migration and what aspects of this would your firm be handling, please mention details of inclusions and exclusions i.e. what will you do and what will we have to do (from the point of hiring you to the time that they step on Australian soil with PR).

2) what are your firms charges (please provide a breakup and mention all charges including hidden charges if any)

3) what are the costs (not related to your fees as answered in the question above) associated with the PR application process in totality.

4) do any funds have to be shown by the applying party for PR purpose? if so then please provide details.

5) after evaluating both their profiles under the skill set point system, we want the one with the higher points to be made the primary applicant and the other to be made the dependent applicant. (i believe there are 5 additional points for that too) please calculate the maximum points that you can obtain for these profiles based on your expertise.

issues related to money are fundamental to our decision for applying for PR in the first place so we need completed clarity regarding the same before we give the green signal for beginning the process by hiring you.

Please note the following points that may be relevant to your assessment of this case:-

1) ———- is currently based in dehradun, while —————– is currently based in Delhi. Both are interested in relocating to Melbourne.

2) ————— real sister is married to an australian citizen, they are based in melbourne. she has been in australia since ———– and got PR in ————. Can she sponsor them? what advantage would that sponsorship give their application. Also if she wants to sponsor them then what formalities does she have to complete ( i.e. what are the requirements? in terms of funds/ endorsements etc)

please let me know if you need any other information to evaluate the case and provide me feedback and offer regarding your services. i strongly prefer to communicate via email initially but you can also call me on my number mentioned below (incase its very urgent, avoid as much as possible).

please donot disturb either ————– or ——————- as both of them are extremely busy and i am assigned with the task of figuring out the details and hiring an agent for them.

I am sending this information to numerous agents, my decision to hire one over the other will be based upon how much details they provide i.e. how impressed i am by their level of service, thats going to determine my purchase decision, along with what are the various aspects of the service being offered like price, inclusions, exclusions etc. i invite you to tell me what differentiates your services from others.

Email 19:  Australian Visa

Hi Anna,

Good Morning!

Thanks for your info.

I am ——–, age ——- and would like to apply for Permanent Residential Visa.

  • I am B Com and have approx 9 years of experience in finance and accounting
  • I would like to work for finance and accounting field only
  • I am in —–, India, in finance and accounting profile
  • I am single and didn’t sit for the English test yet

My questions are

  • How do I apply for Permanent Residential Visa
  • How long it will take and what is the procedure
  • How much do I need to pay including all and what are those
  • Will you help me to get a job there then in which city
  • Do I need to pay the air fare extra or it is included in your package
  • Once I reached there how long it will take to get Health Card and all other papers
  • In the initial days, will you help me to get mess or logging and fooding

Please let me know the information in details so that I can work accordingly.


Email 20:  Australian Visa

Dear Annathurai,

I am looking to re-locate to Australia and I would like to apply for  Skilled – Independent (Subclass 189) (Permanent).

But when I tried to submit an EOI, I could not submit for the above subclass.

I managed to submit only for the Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 186) (Permanent) after seeking exemption, which am not sure what it actually means.

I was also submit for  Business (Long Stay) (Subclass 457).

I am —– years old. I am a qualified ACMA , India and ———— (———), that’s where I currently live and also have completed CA-Intermediate (India). I still haven’t written the English language test.

I am married, but I would like apply for PR on my own merits only and hence not including my partner’s as of now.

I have got more than 13 years of experience in the field of Accounting, but with breaks post marriage and kids.

Please advise if I would be eligible to migrate to Australia under either subclass 189 or 186 or 457.

I would like to migrate only with the job on hand. So please advise which option is the best.

Thanks and Regards,


“Dr. Anna is the best possible person you can trust…Very Professional, ethical, fast and responsive…”

It is imperative that you would have searched dozen sites and blogs for the “Best Migration Agent” to handle your unique case. You are not alone. First things first… The reason you are reading this testimonial is that you are searching for the trusted agent, with whom you can share all your details and also get the feeling that you will get the PR. Since you have not got anyone till now, continue reading.

Dr. Anna is the best possible person you can trust to ensure that he represents you at the best. Note:  As per the Migration Agent code of conduct, no person should guarantee the PR. If any one does, it is not correct.

Dr. Anna takes very pragmatic, professional approach for each of the case as very unique case. He understands that how important is PR for the client. Very Professional, ethical, fast and responsive to the stupidest (you may think it is stupid) question. He always replies with the answer, which is correct, legal. He doesn’t please the client, by showering false promises.

So, should you go ahead and ask Dr. Anna to process your PR based on these testimonials? You may think twice. But look at his studies and degrees. Amazing. It’s the simple fact that knowledgeable persons are rare to see these days and Dr. Anna is GEM of that lot. Trust Anna.

I got my PR in flat 100 days from the time I took the PTE exam. The journey has been quite fast from 17th Dec 2015 to 24th March 2016 (Grant). In fact, if I take the date of ACS submission, I would say that ACS, EOI and Grant were completed in 60 days flat. This implies that your documents should be clean and Dr. Anna would ensure that you give the required documents.

Wishing you all the very best and see you soon in Australia.”

Guru, India —  Skilled Independent visa — Subclass 189 — 24 March 2016

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