Best Cities in Australia for migration

Subclass 189 - Skilled Independent visa

Australia is emerging as a popular migration destination for people all over the world. Quality education, healthy lifestyle, favourable weather, good infrastructure and stable government and economy are just some of the many reasons people are choosing to move to Australia.

One key question is which city or region would suit you best? Ideally it needs to be a place that offers excellent career opportunities; while at the same time provides good social, educational, health and recreational facilities for you and your family. The cost of living varies quite a bit across Australia. You should consider comparing the cost for living across cities, to help you in your decision.

A Registered Migration Agent can assist you to learn more about the key features of Australia’s major cities and regional centres and how they might suit your needs. You might find that location plays an important role in your visa process! If you search for ‘immigration agent Brisbane’ on the internet you will find the contact details of various migration agents based there, who may be able to help you understand the city, its surrounds and the visa requirements to make your migration journey a breeze.

City highlights

Australia has many beautiful and prosperous cities. Here are just a few to consider:


Melbourne is one of Australia’s premier cities for food, art and culture. It also has natural beauty at its doorstep with stunning beaches and forests only a short drive away. Melbourne’s cosmopolitan environment and economic growth opportunities have seen it consistently ranked amongst the most liveable cities worldwide over the years. Melbourne’s popularity may also be partly responsible for its higher cost of living as compared to other Australian cities.

Gold Coast

Golden sandy beaches are the reason this city is known as the ‘Gold Coast’ and also the reason it is a very popular destination for people looking for a ‘sea change’. This city promises good weather and plenty of outdoor activities such as surfing, boating and hiking all year round. The Gold Coast’s lower cost of living as compared to the other cities also makes it a popular city for international students studying in Australia. The Gold Coast has an international airport and is also only 40 minutes from another major Australian city, Brisbane.


Brisbane is one of Australia’s fastest growing cities and its third largest city. As a young and vibrant city there are huge investments being made in infrastructure and technological development to position Brisbane as a world-class city with phenomenal business and employment opportunities. When you do an internet search for immigration agent Brisbane, you will find plenty of migration agent websites with helpful information about Brisbane and Australian visa processes. Brisbane has a mid-range cost of living, making it affordable for most migrants.

Among all the cities in Australia, Brisbane is a favoured destination due to its good infrastructure, weather, employment opportunities and easy access to other cities. Popular tourist destinations like the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast are also just a short drive away.

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