Top Tips for drafting a successful Australian Student Visa application

Posted by on 07 Jun 2018

Australia is one of the most popular educational hubs in the world and attracts thousands of student applications every year. Australian universities have earned reputation in providing world-class education facilities and tuition for all students regardless of their field of study.  Additionally, many Australian education providers offer flexible study arrangements including short-term, graduate and post-graduate […]

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Top 5 mistakes applicants make when applying for the VETASSESS Skills Assessment

Posted by on 28 May 2018

You are a Professional, have made the big decision to migrate to Australia and have found out you need a VETASSESS skills assessment before you can proceed with a visa application. You are now asking yourself what is a skills assessment and what is VETASSESS? The VETASSESS website tells you that their service assesses your […]

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Are you a Software Engineer wishing to migrate to Australia?

Posted by on 15 Apr 2017

Are you a Software Engineer  wishing to migrate to Australia? Getting an Australian permanent residency visa for a software/IT professional is usually a simple process if you can meet a few basic requirements. However, many software and IT professionals are busy with their career growth, and they do not realise that migrating to Australia is […]

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