Embassy of Spain in Australia

Embassy of Spain in Australia : Australian Capital Territory

Embassy of Spain
15 Arkana Street
Yarralumla  ACT  2600
Tel:  (02)  6273 3555
Tel:  (02)  6273 4291 (Education Office)
Fax:  (02)  6273 3918
Website:  www.exteriores.gob.es/Embajadas/CANBERRA/en/Pages/inicio.aspx
Embassy of Spain in Australia : Tel:      (02)  9362 4212 (Commercial Office – Sydney, NSW)
                   (02)  9274 9200 (Cervantes Institute – Sydney, NSW)
Embassy of Spain in Australia: Hours of Business:
Monday – Friday: 8.00 am – 4.30 pm Consular: 9.00 am – 2.00 pm

Embassy of Spain in Australia : Postal Address:  

PO Box 9076 , Deakin  ACT  2600

Embassy of Spain in Australia : Testimonials

“He was very open, honest and straightforward…. we eventually got the PR much quicker than we anticipated. He definitely has my highest recommendation”

“I was introduced to Dr. Anna by a friend, who had got his PR through Dr. Anna, and I am glad that I met him.

From the very first day, he has been very approachable, ready to answer any questions or apprehensions that we had and very knowledgeable about the entire process.

He was very open, honest and straightforward about our eligibility and application process from the very first day and really guided us on which visa type we needed to be applying for.

One thing about Dr. Anna is that he was very prompt to respond to every mail that we sent him and he made sure that he would respond within the next day every time.

He made sure that every document that we submitted was complete and this really helped quicken the entire application process and we eventually got the PR much quicker than we anticipated.

I don’t have enough words to thank him for the effort that was put in by him and he definitely has my highest recommendation for any person who wishes to pursue an Australian PR.

Thank you once again Dr. Anna was being with us through the journey.”

Anup, India, Subclass 189 — Skilled Independent visa — 1 April 2017


“You don’t have to look anywhere when you have got a honest, dedicated, guiding and a patient professional to ensure your dreams come true”  

“From the initial stage when we started the process till we heard our dream coming true, Anna has not been a third person and we never felt inhibited to contact him on whatever means available to get answers to our queries.

He has a real sense of the facts and realities accompanying the PR process and satisfies all queries including irrelevant ones without any fuss. The last sentences in his every mail/voice/message are always “Please contact me if you have any doubts” and he means every word of it.

I have come across very few who empathize on the situation you are in and he was there for us on every step of the process in spite of his personal hardships. He successfully hand-held us overcome the hurdles and reach our aim.  

Most importantly you wouldn’t feel this is a done & dusted relationship but a relationship you would wish to hold on even after the dream has come true.

Thanks Anna for all those efforts which you put in and we are grateful for having you crossed our roads in our life journey.

(Note: This is not just for the sake of writing, both of us mean every word of it, especially during the last stages, we never had a doubt that you would leave our hand. Thanks for patiently replying to all those queries we had. We will keep in touch with you.)”

Venkatesh, India — Subclass 189 Visa — Skilled Independent visa — 13 March 2017


“I got my Australian PR in just flat four months, that speaks volume of the commitment from Anna.”

“Three qualities I always wanted when I was looking for a consultant, who can assist me on my Australia PR journey:

  1. Approachable
  2. Knowledgeable, and
  3. Reliable

I found these three qualities in Anna:

  1. He is approachable by phone, email and WhatsApp.
  2. He has very high knowledge on Australian visa rules, regulations, and compliance.
  3. Anna is reliable, you can say this after the very first screening call with him. The way he narrates the pros and cons of the application is noteworthy.

I got my Australian PR in just flat four months, that speaks volume of the commitment from Anna.

Anna, thanks for being part of my life and please don’t mind if I bug you for knowing more about Australia :).

Manikanth, India — Subclass 189 visa — 03 March 2017