Initial assessment fees

Initial assessment fees

Why do we  charge initial assessment fees?

Free Advice Is Usually Worth What You Pay For It!

  1. We  do receive thousands of requests per year for information about Australian visa, eligibility and strategies for Australian visa. For example, if we  receive 10 enquiries per day, it would be 365 days x 10 = 3650 enquiries per year. Unfortunately, from our previous experience, we know that most of the enquiries are for collecting free information or for getting free advice from us.
  2. Once we  assess and provide an answer, the candidates normally ask for more information. As a result, a lot of our  time has been dedicated to writing emails and assessing candidates’ eligibility.
  3. For example, if we  answer six emails per day spending 30 minutes on each case:
  • For 365 days, it comes to 1095 hours per year
  • = More than 136 working days (with 8 hours work per day)
  • = More than 6 months of work per year (considering 5 work days per week).
  • Our consultant  cannot spend six months per year providing free advice as he also works as the director of a research company.   The issue is that we  do receive many emails per day and we  need to find a way to ‘select’ candidates, who are genuinely interested in Australian migration and who would most likely use our services to pursue their migration plan.

You can pay our initial assessment fees by bank transfer or by Visa or Master card.

Payment by Visa or Master Card:

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“Miracle do happen and if personified, the name would be Anna!”

“My research for Australian PR started in March 2015, talking to umpteen consultants in India apart from tearing down Google. No one could instil the confidence in me that I was looking for. And then, pat on my back, come Jan 2016, courtesy my tenacity of internet research, I found Anna. After a series of long e-mails, we had our first conversation. He did mention a few facts that every one shied away saying or deliberately hid from stating earlier and as with everything else in my life, went by my instinct to sign up for the PR process in April’16.

Anna is immaculate at his work to the extent of correcting a ‘.’ and ‘-‘. No one will be blamed for complaining of him being a ‘perfectionist’ of course for all the right reasons. He has immense patience to answer all queries, however stupid they may be and believe me I had many. In case if one runs out of patience since this PR process is a long drawn affair, he can send no less than 50 quotes on ‘Patience’.

Many documents, many scans, signatures and 5 months later, the second call from Anna at 9 am confirming and congratulating on the Visa grant was a sweet nothing. Miracle do happen and if personified, the name would be Anna!

Dear Anna—heartfelt thank you from  us  for all your efforts, guidance and support during this entire journey. Our relation is not over yet. Planning to be in Australia this December. We have to get our parents to be with us and we are crystal clear that it would be you, once again!

Somnath, Subclass 189 visa — 20 August 2016

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