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Migration Agent Brisbane

Migration Agent Brisbane

Who is the best and #1 Migration agent in Brisbane?

This is one of the questions many people ask in forums such as Quora or search in Google.

This may not be right question to ask as there is no way to rank all the agents based on evidence-based assessment.

Sometimes, a few advertisements appear with the claim “the best and #1 migration agency in Brisbane”. What they claim is that the other migration agencies are ranking from No. 2 to infinity (based on their own evaluation without any solid evidence).

While they may be one of the best agencies, it would be difficult to claim that they are the #1 agency, especially if they do not have any evidence.

If we need to evaluate who is the best migration agent and No. 1 in this field, there will need to be an independent assessment of every Migration Agent in Brisbane using the same set criteria, which is not practically possible.

Like specialists in the medical field such as Cardiologists or ophthalmologists, some migration agents in Brisbane will be specialists in employer nominated visa (subclass 186, 187, 482) while others will be specialists in student visa (subclass 500) or business visas or AAT appeals.

Some migration agents in Brisbane may not have handled a single AAT appeal as they are recently registered with the office of the MARA, while another migration agent in Brisbane might have handled 100s of AAT appeals.

Most migration agents in Brisbane are professionals, who can handle many different types of Australian visas as well as AAT appeals.

Hence, if a migration agent in Brisbane has not handled an AAT appeal, that does not mean that he/she will not succeed in the AAT appeal.

Every migration agent must start to gain experience at some point. Even the migration agent, who has handled 100s of AAT appeals, had his/her first AAT/MRT case some years ago.

Usually, new migration agents, who are good, would put 110% efforts to succeed in their first case.

Hence, the generic question of “Who is the best migration agent?” may not the right question as it is impossible to evaluate all migration agents using the same set of criteria.

What the clients will need to do is to find a reliable, honest professional and, if possible, an experienced migration agent, who can help them to achieve the desired outcome.

A negative outcome in a visa application is not only costly but can be devastating to the clients as it is their life, dream and future. A good migration agent will always try to save their future by providing good quality service.

In my opinion, each migration agent in Brisbane, who achieves the desired outcome for the client and make the client happy, is providing the best possible service to the client.

Like in any other field, there will be good migration agents, who provide quality service, as well as migration agents, who could not get the desired outcome for the client based on their inexperience or negligence.

The office of the MARA handles (sometimes ‘shocking’) complaints from the clients. The office of the MARA publishes the list of migration agents who are cautioned, suspended or barred, which you can see here: List of sanctioned agents

You can search and read the shocking stories of some clients, who have lost a visa application, as they have selected the wrong agent to assist with their visa applications.

That could be one of the reasons, why clients search for ‘’the best migration agents” in Brisbane.

What they need to do is to research more about the migration agent in Brisbane.

This could be in the form of testimonials in their website or in Google reviews. You can also search the Google for any negative comments about the migration agent.

Many years ago, Mr. B. Lindsey-Colley, Retired (2011) Detective Constable, Dorset Police, United Kingdom, was the first one, who suggested that I should have testimonials in my website. And, he gave me the following testimonial, which was the first that I published in my website.

“…a first class, trustworthy and dependable service.”

“My son wished to emigrate to Australia and having investigated the process, we identified that the Visa application process was not a simple task. Having trawled through the internet, we identified a number of agents, who could help us with the process.  Anna of Visa Help Australia was one of the companies that we selected.  After making contact with him, we felt confident that he would deliver. 

After an initial consultation, Anna came up with an ‘action plan’ – his knowledge of immigration legislation and what supporting documentation is required was second to none.  He took us through the process, step by step and was responsive to any request or query that we had. 

He was friendly, approachable and dependable.  We felt confident in his abilities from beginning to end.  Ultimately, with Anna’s help, we were, indeed, successful with our application and were delighted with the service he provided.  Not only did he deliver but it was excellent value for money. I would not hesitate to recommend Anna and his services for anyone in a similar situation who requires a first class, trustworthy and dependable service.”

Mr. B. Lindsey-Colley, Retired (2011) Detective Constable, Dorset Police, United Kingdom

Thanks to Mr. B. Lindsey-Colley, over the last 9 years, my testimonials page has grown and is now filled with nice testimonials from my clients. I am always grateful to the valuable suggestion by Mr. B. Lindsey-Colley and I am thankful to all my clients, who were able to motivate me to do good work, by providing positive feedbacks. Sometimes, I feel whether I actually deserve what they have written.

If majority of clients (>90%) give positive feedback about a migration agent, you can then try to talk to the migration agent and decide whether you are happy with their approach and fees. Sometimes, you may not able to pay the fees that the experienced agents need for their valuable time.

Most importantly, you will need to go with your gut feeling. If you feel that the agent will provide you with the service that you need based on your budget, you may decide to go with their services.

You can always ‘short-list’ a few migration agencies and decide after approaching them. As most migration agents are good, you can select anyone of them, with whom you are comfortable with.

The only thing that you should be careful is not selecting an agent, who may be barred later by the MARA, based on your complaint. Hence, the possible question could be who is the worst migration agent in Brisbane? If you can avoid them, you will most likely be fine with the remaining 90% of the migration agents.

The first two digits on the MARA registration number will indicate the year in which a migration agent was first registered. For example, in my registration number 1069525, 10 indicates that I was first registered in 2010.

So, if the MARA registration number starts with 04, they are registered from 2004 and if the number starts with 18, they are registered from 2018. This would give an indication on the years of experience that they have.

As I mentioned before, just because an agent is registered in 2019, it does not mean that they will not do a good job. Similarly, if an agent has 9 years of experience, it does not mean that they will do an excellent job; their clients’ testimonials can give an indication about their service.

You can search for a Migration Agent in Brisbane here: MARA website search

You can also visit our testimonials page and compare it with the testimonials of other migration agents. You can finally select an agent, with whom, you are comfortable with.

It does not matter, whom you select as your migration agent in Brisbane, as long as you get the desired outcome.

Migration agent Brisbane

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