Office of the MARA

Office of the MARA

The Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) is an office of the Department of Home Affairs ( (the Department).

Office of the MARA: Using an Australian registered migration agent
  • Getting help with your Australian visa application
  • What an Australian registered migration agent can do for you
  • Risks of receiving assistance from an unregistered migration agent


Resolving disputes with your Australian Registered migration agent
  • How can the office of the MARA can help
  • Fee disputes
  • Make a complaint about an Australian Migration agent


About Australian Registered migration agent
  • How to choose and find an Australian registered migration agent
  • Australian Migration Agent’s Code of Conduct


Working with your Australian Registered migration agent
  • What to expect from your Australian Migration agent
  • Australian Migration Agent fees


Registration requirements to become an Australian Registered Migration Agent
  • Knowledge Requirements
  • English language
  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • National Police Check
  • Professional Library
  • Other Requirements
  • Registration Costs
  • Photographs
  • Setting up a business


Registration process to become an Australian Registered Migration Agent
  • Apply for registration as a migration agent
  • If your application is approved
  • If your application is refused
  • If you are registered with the New Zealand Immigration Advisers Authority


Professional standards and obligations of an Australian Registered Migration Agent
  • Managing client relationships
  • Code of conduct & practice guides
  • Occupational competency standards
  • Ethical framework







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