PTE academic test centre in Paris, France

Pearson Professional Centres-Paris, France

3-15 rue Henri Rol-Tanguy
5th Floor
93100 Montreuil



Getting to the Examination Center


– Line 1
– Direction Chateau de Vincennes
– Station: Saint-Mande

Take exit number 5, Place de la Prevoyance Once on the square, turn right and take rue des Laitieres.

Then, head towards rue Georges Huchon, second street on your left.  Go up this street until the crossing of the street of Lagny.

Rue Henri Rol tanguy is the extension of the Rue Georges Huchon.
Terra Nova II is the first building on your right, the number 15 is the first entrance of this building.

Head towards the elevator, once on the 5th floor, ring for you to be opened.

Other possibilities to get to the Center:

– Metro Line 9,

Station Robespierre ACCESS BY BUS

– Bus No 56,115,215,318


– RER A, Station Vincennes

It is strongly advised to come by car because parking places are rare.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please arrive at the Center at least 15 minutes before your exam time.

Directions: By Metro:

Metro Station: Saint-Mande

Line 1 Direction Chateau de Vincennes.

Exit 5- Place de la Prevoyance.

Take exit No 5 to Place de la Prevoyance.

Turn right onto Rue des Laitià¨res and walk until you get to Rue George Huchon, the second street on your left.

Walk up rue George Huchon to the end, straight onto Rue Henri Rol-Tanguy.

Terra Nova II, is the first building on the righthand side of the street.

No. 15 Rue Henri Rol Tanguy is the first entrance of the building.
Upon entering the building, take any elevator up to the PEARSON 5th floor.  (It is a good 5 minutes walk from the Metro Station to the test center).

Other possibilities to reach the Address from different locations in Paris are:

Metro Line 9 – Station – Robespierre

RER A – Station – Vincennes

Directions By Bus: No. 56, 115, 215, 318

By Directions Car:

If you come by the device take exit Porte de Vincennes or Porte de Montreuil and take the direction: Route Nationale 34 (Avenue de Paris).

Turn left at the exit of the Metro Station Saint-Mande and take Rue des Laitià¨res then turn left at rue George Huchon and continue straight on to Henri Rol-Tanguy.

VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you arrive at the test center at least half an hour before your exam appointment.







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